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Everything must go.....for now!

Wow, what a year it has been. I am so grateful that I was able to share so many of my Art-Pieces with so many lovely people. 2. Sunday Art and Music Festival in Williamsburg Virginia was an awesome experience for me and my husband. Although I have been painting for a long time, selling my Art has been a new journey for me as an Artist. Seeing the faces of people as they light up when they look at my paintings, brings joy to my heart. Knowing that somebody has a little piece of my journey as an Artist in their home is priceless. A piece that has been with me, prayed over and created with love and the help of the Holy Spirit. Sharing the love of God is the greatest gift. A big thank you to all of my clients.

But for now.......everything must go......the pictures displayed below are all that I have left for now and I would love to find a home for all of them. Feel free to make me an offer :-)

Still available are 3 Window's. I used acrylic paint to paint on glass planes. Shown above.

The reason why everything must go is because we are about to start a new Journey. A new Season that God is sending us on. So feel free to follow us as we are adventuring to Guatemala. I am sure there will be plenty of new inspirations for me as an Artist.

Just like a new blank canvas, our journey is starting of with just a few suitcases and the trust in the Lord that He will show us what to do and where to choose our more permanent housing.

For now we are still working on letting go of all that we have accumulated the years we have been together. But stay tuned for my next blog.

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