• Elke Brown

Hola Panajachel, Guatemala!

July 1. 2021 was the day when our new Journey to Guatemala began. We trust that God will guide us and show us where to go and what to do. It did not take long before God found us a wonderful place to live, an oasis in the city. With security/Gardner. His name is Juan and he is the most friendly and helpful man. Hopefully we will learn Spanish soon because that is the only way we can communicate.

The first place that we picked while still in the USA, without asking God, was a very dirty place. Furniture had a smell of urine and the entire place was very dirty from not dusting and basic cleaning.

Two days later our realtor Francesca found us the oasis that God had for us. She also introduced us to a Spanish teacher, Loida. Loida is a Christian that is very hungry for God’s word and His presence. She has very little (eg. no hot water in her home), but she gives so much to help others. She shows the compassion of Christ to others. She handed out food from donations she received to the hungry and homeless during the height of the covid-19 pandemic.

I’m (Terence) spending most of our time discussing God and His word than Spanish, but it’s okay. God told me on the early morning of Tuesday, July 13 that I’m here to share His love and any wisdom He gives to me while we are together. She has a lot of questions and I pray that I am fully listening and hearing God when I try to explain His word. Very frightening to be held accountable for someone else’s understanding of His word.

Please continue to pray for us to be listening to God’s direction and to be obedient to His word. Thank you!

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