Welcome to my page. I have always enjoyed painting and my parents loved hanging my artwork up on their walls. I started with pencils and crayons and moved up to oil paint. For the last several years I fell in love with acrylic paint and that is what I am now using. I enjoy painting for others. To be able to bring that joy into somebody's home is a great reward.

 Canvas, Wood or old Windows have been the materials I have painted on.

Allow me to paint a painting for you or your family that would fit into your personal space. 


A special painting to me, because I was in the prossess of painting it while my mother passed. Unfinshed but perfect to me. Selah is defined as a Hebrew word that has been found at the ending of verses in Psalms and has been interpreted as an instruction calling for a break in the singing of the Psalm or it may mean "forever." or " pause".

In Memory of my mother!